Method. Ethics. And Money.

Database search

Our database includes many thousands of profiles and is growing more or less every day, because we are continuously talking to candidates, even if they might not currently want to change their job. We have interviewed about 90% of our database candidates by phone or in person. So we know not only what experience candidates have and what particularly sets them apart, but also, for example, what they are looking for, which challenge would make them drop everything, and what their salary expectations look like. Thanks to these premises, we can usually present suitable candidates to fill your vacancies in a fairly short time, through a targeted database search.

Client MELT.
Searches for new permanent or freelance employees.
Signs a personnel consultancy contract with MELT.
Gives feedback regarding candidates & profiles.
Gives interview timeslots to MELT.
Conducts first interviews.
Gives feedback regarding interviews to MELT.
Conducts further interviews.
Gives feedback regarding interviews to MELT.
Conducts final interviews.
Decides on a candidate.
Closes contract with new employee.
Poss. places anonymous job descriptions on
Introduces profiles from the database.
Contacts chosen candidates.
Arranges interview dates.
Poss. Introduces further profiles.
Gives feedback to candidates and invoices retainer.
Poss. arranges further interview dates and und communicates rejections.
Invoices the remaining commission.

Direct Approach

Even if a profile is so specific that only a few out there meet its criteria, we find those few for you. If you explicitly commission a direct approach, we’ll conduct our search tailored to your detailed briefings. We conduct thorough research, approach your ideal candidates and work with you to a draw up position-specific questions for expedient interviews. For each relevant candidate, we provide an oral or written report that allows you to make a selection based on precise criteria.

Recruiting Fees

The level of commission for permanent positions depends both on the chosen search methodology (database or direct approach) and the level of seniority of a position to be filled; it ranges between 12.5 % and 25 % of the position’s annual salary.
For freelancers, a commission of 12 % of the daily rate (in addition to the freelancer fee agreed upon) is incurred, which is usually included in the invoice between the candidate and you, and invoiced directly to the freelancer by us at a later time. Thus, the level of our commissions lies - according to the industry association BDU - in the middle of the market-based area for Germany. To ensure the quality of our work, we do not operate on pure performance basis (contingency search); with the first candidate interview, a retainer is due for each permanent position to be filled.

Consulting Fees

The costs of a consultation vary depending on the project. Just this much: as a privately owned, small, and agile company, in which no net income increases are dictated by a network, we can calculate your individual needs flexibly and accurately. Just ask us - the initial consultation is always free of charge.

On what you can rely

  • Discretion

    is our middle name. We are discreet and always handle the infomation we are given with the care it demands.

  • Interest

    outside of the box is not just a sign of commitment. It is actually about content for us: we want to learn, in order to achieve better results for all involved.

  • Appreciation

    is the best foundation for a good collaboration. We treat clients as well as candidates with dignity and respect.

  • Initiative

    Sure, we usually do what you tell us to do. But now and then, we also tell you what we think you should do. Without being asked.

  • Humanity

    We're not a used car dealership. And we don't hunt any heads. It's a bit more complex than that: we work with people. And guard their dignity.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration does not only mean cooperation to us. Rather, from our viewpoint, the quite explicitly desirable, relationship-bound exchange of information through direct conversation.

  • Pragmatism

    Why complicate things when it can be so easy? We gear our work towards practical conditions and avoid redundant dragging and unnecessary cost drivers.

  • Team Spirit

    We want to achieve ambitious goals. An involvement-based interaction with each other might not be necessary for this. However, we are convinced that it has a positive effect on processes & results.

  • Decency

    sounds old-fashioned, but Fairness as a term would be too weak. We treat our clients and candidates with equal fairness and honesty.