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Through the New Economy and demoscopic developments, the working world is currently experiencing noticeable changes. With shifts in traditional industries, new demands are emerging in classic professions - even newly created occupational profiles are subject to permanent changes. The impact of the falling birth makes specialized professionals to an increasingly scarce resource today. The employer job market is changing more and more into an employee job market, and, as a result, it is not uncommon for potential employees to become actual decision-makers in the filling of demanding positions. Additionally, candidates usually have an accurate idea of ​​what makes a company or function attractive, and are rarely acquired through conventional benefits. For companies, a key challenge against this background is to respond to this shift adequately in structure and culture, in order to remain competitive.

Let's talk about it. We advise in transitional situations, for example on the topics of "Organization Development", "Retention Management", "New Work" and "HR Strategy & Objectives", or optimize existing processes together with you, to secure targeted and sustainable personnel work and therefore also the growth of your company.

Typical questions in which we can support you:
- How can we increase the engagement, productivity and motivation of our employees?
- What can we do to retain employees?
- How can we successfully improve our employer brand?
- We would like to implement a new organizational structure; what should we pay attention to?
- What can we do to optimize our HR processes (search, on-boarding etc.)?
- How do we deal with personnel requirements for recurring project business?
- How can we indentify potentials and talents in our team?

External recruiting

Beginning with its foundation in 2007, it was clear that MELT.MEDIA BERLIN would certainly stand apart a bit.

First of all, through conscious, professional limitation. Because an intense substantial understanding of our candidates and clients is very important to us. This is acquired best through practical relevance. For this reason, we are specialized in a few segments - the media, digital and creative industries - in which we have professional expertise.

Secondly, through a holistic perspective and approach. When experience in personnel consulting is rounded off with the additional perspective of years in management, executive or administrative boards, it is easier to take off the consultancy cap from time to time and consider challenges in an integrated organizational context.

Moreover, we have built up contacts and knowledge in the digital professional fields from the very beginning and have accompanied many experts over several career steps. This approach explains why we are not only a competent partner for positions at the executive level. It has the practical effect that our database contains many thousands of profiles from all levels. Because we additionally already know most of our candidates through personal conversations and don’t merely own an impressive CV collection, our database search provides a good and rapid assessment of placement options, also in terms of soft skills. Furthermore, we can, of course - should the demands turn out to be highly selective - help to find the ideal candidate through targeted research and direct approach.

Internal Support: Talent Acquisition & In-House Recruiting

A company’s growth- and change processes are naturally also reflected in the personnel department’s function as an interface between internal and external processes. Whether it be sudden absences, an increasing workload in the personnel department due to expansion, resource-draining applicant onslaughts, or simply no separate HR department in your start-up: we also work with you on-site. We can additionally, depending on the requirements, train your internal recruiter and draw on a network of freelance HR professionals. Give us a call if you want to know more.