Welcome in the pool.
We’ll hear from each other.


Are you interested in Career or Newplacement consulting? If so, please call us - we will schedule an appointment for a personal meeting with you, which is free of charge.

You seek a new professional challenge? In that case, please sign up for the pool (as we call our database).This way, we collect your skills & priorities better and find you among thousands at the right moment. Registration does not cost you anything. Except maybe a little time, because we want to learn more about you than what fits on a written resume from the beginning.

Next, we will usually arrange a general interview with you. At the latest, if we find a position suitable for your profile, we will contact you to get to know you, and to find out whether there is interest and your profile really comes into consideration. Of course, it is ultimately not only the ideas of our customers, but also the personal wishes and preferences of our candidates that are decisive.

By the way: even if we should not have the right offer at the moment - we like to think of our cooperation as long-term accompaniment in terms of careers. So if you have registered for the pool, we might very well keep you "on our radar" for a number of years, and contact you proactively when a project or position comes up which could suit you.

Paper is patient

Many CVs are an exciting read. But it becomes truly interesting when we get to know the people behind the data. And therefore, sooner or later, we conduct a detailed personal or telephone interview (40 – 60 min.) with virtually every candidate who has registered in our pool, so we can get a more complete picture.

We look at documents such as CV and portfolio together, offer advice, upon request, about profile optimization and positioning, and ask what is on the professional wish list. We are simply interested in who our candidates are, what drives them, what goals they have, and what sets them apart, aside from their professional qualities. Only then, when filling vacant positions, can we specifically propose not only those candidates whose expertise, but also whose personalities and career goals fit the task and the respective companies.


It is quite simple for our candidates, and free, as well: we help our clients to find the best employees. And therefore, of course, it is our clients who cover the commission costs, and not our candidates.

On what you can rely

  • Discretion

    is our middle name. We are discreet and always handle the infomation we are given with the care it demands.

  • Interest

    outside of the box is not just a sign of commitment. It is actually about content for us: we want to learn, in order to achieve better results for all involved.

  • Appreciation

    is the best foundation for a good collaboration. We treat clients as well as candidates with dignity and respect.

  • Initiative

    Sure, we usually do what you tell us to do. But now and then, we also tell you what we think you should do. Without being asked.

  • Humanity

    We're not a used car dealership. And we don't hunt any heads. It's a bit more complex than that: we work with people. And guard their dignity.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration does not only mean cooperation to us. Rather, from our viewpoint, the quite explicitly desirable, relationship-bound exchange of information through direct conversation.

  • Pragmatism

    Why complicate things when it can be so easy? We gear our work towards practical conditions and avoid redundant dragging and unnecessary cost drivers.

  • Team Spirit

    We want to achieve ambitious goals. An involvement-based interaction with each other might not be necessary for this. However, we are convinced that it has a positive effect on processes & results.

  • Decency

    sounds old-fashioned, but Fairness as a term would be too weak. We treat our clients and candidates with equal fairness and honesty.