Voilà: the Repertoire.

Hunters & Gatherers in Personal Union

Do one thing without abandoning the other: on one hand, we actually do quite classic direct approach. Previously, we might have been called headhunters. On the other hand, we also constantly search for good people from junior to executive level. For startups, agencies, and businesses. For permanent placements, interim positions, and freelance projects. For now, soon, or perhaps a little later.

Database ahoy!

Whether for a permanent position or freelance projects in the media, digital, and creative industries, and regardless of whether you want to switch jobs directly or simply have a general openness to being approached by us for interesting positions - your free entry in our database is the beginning.
Your personal profile is generated from this, with which we may introduce you to one of our customers for a suitable position in the future. Please take your time while filling it out, to make sure that we get the most accurate picture possible of you and your skills, from the very beginning.

Range / Expertise

  • Broadcast

  • Digital

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Social Media
    Public Relations

  • Telco

  • Production

  • Sales
    Biz Develop­ment

  • In Businesses
    and Agencies.

  • From Junior- to

  • For Freelance- and
    Permanent Positions.

Discretion is a matter of honor

Although it is self-evident, we assure you nonetheless that we respect your privacy and treat your personal data with the utmost discretion. We also demand this from our clients, to whom we only introduce your profile after they have been bound to strict confidentiality. Meaning: your profile data is safe with us and under wraps, for we do not grant anyone, clients included, insight into our database.

Yes, we can

Just a word about what we do. And a few words about what we do not:
As a specialist for personnel consulting, we advise companies with regard to personnel issues; for example, in the search and selection of specialists and executives. We assist in the determination processes, provide advice on the design and implementation of evaluative measures, in personnel development and personnel marketing, as well as in matters of remuneration, and are commissioned by our clients to find solutions for organizational development and strategic and conceptual tasks in personnel work.

No, we can‘t

We are not an employment service or job fair - we select candidates from our pool and network that fit very closely to each respective vacancy of our clients. We are not agents who can be hired and paid for finding the right job or task. In addition, we are a small company that can realize only a limited number of tasks, and we therefore can’t guarantee that we will find a suitable position for you or will be able to suggest you for a vacancy.

Initial interview and consultation

The first, fairly comprehensive, conversation after the entry in our database is, of course, always free of charge. If there is further need for advice on matters such as CV or portfolio design, career planning, market positioning, self-presentation and application strategy, continuing education and additional qualifications, conflict resolution at work or stress management, we can gladly arrange another appointment for a consultation. We define common goals in advance and create a cost estimate, which is based, among other things, on your actual annual income and thus, for example, is more affordable for junior levels. Feel free to give us a call if you should have a topic that you want to shed some light on and analyze more intensely.


Newplacement denotes the accompaniment, comprehensive professional advice and personal, tailor-made coaching after a voluntary or involuntary job loss. Primary goal is to enable a professional reorientation - either in a permanent position or in self-employment. We are specialized in Newplacement consulting for the media, digital, and creative industries.

In practice, this means that we will go the relevant, preparatory steps on the way to a successful professional future together with our Newplacement-candidates: from status-quo analysis, profile sharpening and market preparation including application design, research concerning open and hidden vacancies up to interview preparation and on-boarding support. In addition, we will deploy our up-to-date, professional insights, practical experiences and our broad network.

We are an exclusive boutique, take our duties seriously and would like to work in a concentrated and tailor-made way with our candidates. Therefore, we solely offer individual consultation and no group counselling.

Costs of up to 20% of the target salary for a yearly Newplacement consultation will normally be covered by the company that has decided to let go one of their employees (cost absorption of Newplacement consultation e.g. as part of termination agreement) - in individual cases these may be also balanced by candidates themselves.